Wendelien McNicoll | Supervision
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The relationship between counsellor and supervisor should be based on professional and mutual respect. We are two colleagues upholding the high ethical standards of our profession and in which the welfare of the client is at the heart of our work together. Each supervision session is different depending on the many factors of the work. For instance: the client load; the counsellor’s needs; the counsellor’s work towards accreditation; and ethical issues.

I see my own supervisor so you are reassured that my work is done competently and ethically at all times.

You may like to prepare for supervision by making a few notes on what to bring or you may have a burning issue that needs to take precedence and we will allow time for that. The idea is that we both feel comfortable and open to explore a way of working that suits us both. I work with counsellors from the same or different training backgrounds.

I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework. For the time being, I am only taking on qualified counsellors.

Group supervision is given in groups of no more than 4 – 5 people.