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I just wanted to say, I have never seen another book like it, it is magnificent, poignant, utterly unique. I love the way you have set out each section and chapters, it feels very natural and the illustrations are beautiful and evocative of each stage of the tsunami of grief. What a great job you’ve done! It is remarkable how you have condensed all these complex thoughts and emotions, especially the ones we may be ashamed to admit to ourselves or others. Any other book would try to describe everything through lengthy narratives and probably fail to truly capture the essence of grief but the path you have chosen I feel is so much more effective because it is raw and it is human, not requiring explanation or interpretation. This book has become precious to me from the moment I started reading it. Every reader will find the statement of grief that mirrors their own and find solace and comfort in these words. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work in putting this out to the world. CZ


This book will be my companion till my dying day. KP

I’ve just received & poured over Surviving the Tsunami of Grief. Absolutely stunning. Illustrations that speak to the gut of grief, normalised reflections from all kinds of death, doesn’t require concentration and heavy reading. Properly beautiful. CHM


Just to say I’ve read your book cover to cover and keep dipping back in. So much resonates and especially chapter 4/5. It’s an amazing help and comfort reading these words. RG


Congratulations on your beautiful book – I bought two copies, one for me and one to loan.

I read the book in one thirsty session. I soaked up the words and loved the beautiful illustrations. The book spoke to me on very many levels. I lent my copy to a colleague at work who had lost someone very close and I included it in my recommended books podcast at work as an example of a book/resource I wish I had had many years ago. GCH


Surviving the Tsunami of Grief is a raw and wonderful book. There are no lengthy explanations or academic theories. It tells it how it is.

Expressions of feeling from real people who have gone through the process. The strong and vivid illustrations add to the emotional impact of this powerful book.

I lent it to a friend who is experiencing a bereavement she is finding it very helpful and has bought her own copy. PN


I am very excited that at last your book has arrived at the Bookshop where I ordered it.  I’ve had a glimpse of the copy you must have left at reception in the office, and it looks so engaging and helpful.   And several clients who have seen it there are wanting to get their own copies.  Wonderful! RG


This arrived while I was away this weekend. Ladies, it is stunning. I need to sit down and really absorb it but my initial impression is one of awe and gratitude. Thank you. Please tell Ruth, too: the illustrations are so integral and deeply moving. A work of art, in so many senses. Sending love and thanks, Kathryn (Dr. Kathryn Mannix, author of With The End in Mind)

I wanted to say a huge thank you for sending me a copy of the Tsunami of Grief, it’s absolutely beautiful and powerful and gentle all rolled into one. You and Katrina have produced something very, very special which I am sure will comfort a great many people.

I’d love to mention it in our next Soul Midwives newsletter, if that’s OK? FW (Felicity Warner, Founder of the School of Soul Midwives)


Congratulations on your achievement of writing and publishing your book: ‘Surviving the Tsunami of Grief’, your analysis and advice based on a multitude of personal observations made by your sizeable clientele towards the emotional dimensions and phases through which grief has to go through, before it finds an anchorage in the human psyche. NB


I also recently read ‘Surviving the Tsunami of Grief’ and thought it was a wonderful book. I’ve had several opportunities since to provide copies for family members and friends who have also found it to be a refreshingly different, and very helpful way of looking at their grief processes. JM


This is a wonderful book to be treasured as full of so much wisdom and beautifully illustrated I felt the authors truly understood my loss and the effect. It has practical advice for grieving and can easily be dipped in and out of when concentration is poor but also I would recommend it for those struggling to support someone bereaved. Charlotte Mayou (Amazon)


This new book is an excellent resource both for those affected by the death of someone close and for those seeking ways to help with kindness and compassion.
The multiple dimensions of grief are explored with wise guidance from the authors but also the words of those who have themselves trodden the path of loss. The bereaved may come to know they are not alone in their journey through grief. The shared experiences can help make sense of the apparently senseless.
The book is illustrated in a way that beautifully supports the intention of helpfulness. Sometimes following a death, reading is too difficult, concentration too scattered and resting our attention on a meaningful image is all one can manage.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book and wish the authors well in their mission to ease the suffering of grief. Gary Fielder (Amazon)


This is a very special book on bereavement. Instead of requiring the reader to focus on lengthy text and use their powers of reason, it appeals to the emotions and senses. Through its evocative illustrations and poetic text, the authors reach the soul of the reader, gently leading the bereaved person through the different stages of their grief.
This wonderful book can be opened at any page and just glanced at or dwelt on at length, and the reader will feel that someone understands their pain and bewilderment.
It is often so difficult for those wanting to support the bereaved to know what to do or say. They will find the section giving guidance on such matters an important resource. In addition, giving this book to a bereaved person at any stage of their grief would provide them with an invaluable source of comfort. Susan Bryan (Amazon)


This quote from a bereaved colleague is a typical response: “I’ve started to read a couple of pages in the book. It’s describing my state of mind frighteningly well at times. Some feelings I’m experiencing I would have never associated with grief. That’s such a relief as I thought that I was going mad at times. Thank you so much for this book. I can see that it’ll help a lot”. Dr. Michael Bagshaw (Amazon)


It’s hard to find a book that you want to read when you are grieving the loss of a child. But this book was able to express emotions and feelings that were real and it was a comfort to confirm that you are not alone. I also thought the additional section for those wanting to help people who are grieving very insightful and helpful for friends and family to read.
A very soothing mixture of help in words and images.
Corinne Cruickshank (Amazon)