Wendelien McNicoll | Counselling
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What is Counselling?

Counselling enables you to find a new way of thinking and feeling about yourself.

Counselling helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings so you gain your own insight.

You start looking for counselling when you know there are some aspects in your life that you want to change. No one can make the decision to go to counselling for you; you alone can take that positive step because you really want something to change. I really respect and honour your courage in coming to see me.

Counselling is a process of awareness that starts by having weekly sessions of talking to a properly trained counsellor who has regular professional supervision and who keeps up with his/her own personal development.

Once I observe the awareness of a client’s own answer surface in therapy, my experience is that more often than not it means that our work together is gradually coming to an end. For some this can take a few weeks, for others a few months and for some longer than that, but a regular review of our sessions helps you to see where you are in your journey.

What can you expect?

Counselling is not always an easy process; you may feel worse before you feel better and you may feel emotional. But it is a place where you can be authentic. Not feeling judged is very powerful and it allows for exploration of why certain things are not working for you or of things you would like to change but can’t see how.

It is a place of safety where you can say the unsayable and where all feelings, emotions, tears or even silence find a safe outlet. You don’t need to worry about upsetting the counsellor. You may wish to talk about issues to family or friends but they will always be emotionally involved. The counsellor is impartial and will not tell you what to do or how to fix things. A counsellor allows you to find your own answer.

Change does not happen overnight, because issues have normally built up over months or years. Lasting change is a gradual process that is achieved by taking responsibility for your own well-being. Counselling is hard work, but immensely rewarding. We can be seen to look after our physical health, but there is still a taboo on admitting that we are looking after our mental health. Yet it influences everything we do.

I offer general counselling; specialised end of life or palliative counselling; telephone counselling; and ECS’s (emergency counselling sessions).

Emergency sessions are for that time when it all gets too much and you need to offload there and then. This session will allow us to get to the core of the problem. By feeling safe and not judged, you go away more able to handle your situation. I advise you to bring an energy bar and a drink of your choice, as these sessions are tiring and you need that extra energy, for example when you have to face the traffic. These sessions can stand on their own or as part of ongoing therapy. If it is a one-off emergency session, I will still need to take some details from you just as I would at the beginning of any new therapy. Experience has shown me that an emergency session is often used to process one particular issue in great detail. Usually a few more sessions follow on from there, but not always.

My counselling sessions are 55 min long and held either at my private practice based in Alton, Hampshire or by telephone. All clients are guaranteed confidentiality, discretion and privacy. For those clients in the public eye, private sessions elsewhere or telephone sessions can be arranged. Clients unable to travel are seen in either the hospital, hospice or nursing home.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I adhere to their Ethical Framework and I am a Senior Accredited Member, which is for those counsellors who have shown their extended experience & knowledge.

BACP counsellors are committed to ongoing personal development.